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While the kids are asleep….

Lisa Brennaman Photography

I’m sitting in the dark typing as quietly as I can while my 8 month old sleeps on a blanket next to me.  What in the world could you possibly be doing you ask?  I’m doing what I love, fitting it in between spending time with the ones I love.

When I first started taking photos I can honestly say I had no clue what I was doing.  Buy a camera, get some people to hire me and give them some great pictures.  Easy right?

I bought a camera I could afford, which was a Nikon D40 if you are curious, and practically begged my friends to be my guinea pigs so I could build up a portfolio.  I became obsessed with learning how to use a camera, because you know, I knew absolutely nothing about photography and it’s kind of a good idea to educate one’s self before putting their amazing talents out there.  It started off as a side job, working during the weekends here and there.  I had the overwhelming feeling I was in over my head every time I booked a session.  I made myself so sick with worry that I secretly wished my clients would cancel or reschedule.  I was worried that they would hate their pictures, that I would totally mess up and look like a fool and that I wasn’t worth what they were paying for.  Why did I keep going?  Because I need creativity in my life and photography is highly satisfying.  I’m also obsessive and stubborn as a mule, but most of all, my husband is the most loving, supportive, and best motivator ever.

This new career has taught me that I can pretty much tackle anything.  Who knew I needed to know so much about web developing, marketing, insurance, licensing, weather forecasting, outfit coordinating, newborn sleep habits, and bug repellents?  It’s helped me make the most amazing friends and I am always in awe of the the fact that I get to do this for a living.  I can spend my time being home with my kids, be as creative as my heart desires, meet the most wonderful people all the time and I am ever so thankful.  This is what I think as I sit here…while the kids are asleep….