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Meet my little man!


Jason + Lisa :: Olivia + Nevan

1.20.14 – 1:18am

8lbs 7oz – 20.75in

Pictured above is Nevan’s first selfie =)  Less than 24 hours after birth and our family is in complete bliss.  As a photographer I have the pleasure in sharing so many wonderful moments like this with all my clients and today I’d like to share my big moment!

It started as a normal day with a few contractions here and there.  I was expecting more pain because of my back labor with Olivia, so I didn’t think much about it and went about my day cleaning up the house, having breakfast with the hubs and going to see a movie.  Around 3pm the contractions were 15 minutes apart and mildly uncomfortable.  I was texting Becky, my midwife, throughout the day giving her a heads up.  I tried to sleep that night, but around 9:45pm, the contractions were 10 minutes apart.  Then it starts getting a little blurry with the time.  I called Jason down and let him know; Olivia was asleep.  I texted my best friend Karah to come over to start taking photos for me, then when my contractions hit 3 minutes apart, Jason called Becky over.  That might have all been within an hour.


Here’s Jason putting counter pressure on my hips when my contractions came.  It helped SO much.  I labored standing up the whole time except for one contraction where I laid on the bed when Becky first got there to check my dilation (9cm!!) and holy moly was it excruciatingly painful!  I can’t believe I labored so long on my side and back with Olivia.  Ladies, laboring and giving birth standing up is THE way to go.  Trust me on this.

My labor progressed so quickly that my water broke and next push was the baby crowning…Becky barely had time to put her gloves on! One more push and he was out (5 minutes all together)!  I can’t explain fully how it felt.  I felt as if I cracked open and just surrendered my mind to what my body was instinctively doing.  I didn’t hurt like a searing pain, it was more like a very strong dull ache throughout and a release of pressure at the end…and Oh the elation that came right after!


It was…I can’t even put it into words…it was simply amazing.LBP_4805LBP_4814

He looks exactly like his big sister!

If you are not familiar with midwives, I highly recommend you look into it.  Becky and her assistant Kim did everything a hospital would do but with so much more care.  They did all the tests on Nevan, took care of me, cleaned up all the mess, made sure I had everything I needed and the house was spotless before they left.  The most impressive thing is that I have Becky’s direct number and I could text her any time of day or night and she responds within 30 minutes or less.  All through my pregnancy and even after, they care for me and the little munchkin.  You can’t get that kind of attention anywhere else.  Vertical dbl p1icsLBP_4923LBP_4971

Never did he leave my sight.  He was actually breastfeeding 20 minutes after he was born.  LBP_5022

So I told you I had a fast labor?  My mom stepped out to start some food for me and she missed the birth!  She came in and the baby was already here =)  Everyone was expecting a long labor since Olivia’s took 24 hours and 5 hours of that was pushing.

Olivia woke up shortly after he was born and this is her first look.  She knew there was a baby and she knew he was ours.  This child never ceases to amaze me.  2dbl picsLBP_5052LBP_5045

She was still in a sleepy stupor though and went right back to bed!  Shout out to my awesome husband who was running around tending to Olivia and me all through the night =DLBP_5055

My incredible midwife Becky.  She didn’t get to deliver Olivia but she was at the hospital with me to the very end.  So happy we were able to have a home birth with her this time!Vertical 3pics

Becky’s assistant for the night was Kim who was visiting for a while.  She was also pregnant with her 5th baby!LBP_5094

Another perk of having a home birth is being able to have anyone I want with me during the labor and delivery.  My two best friends, Melody and Karah, made it that much more awesome.  LBP_5097

I think everyone finally left around 4am.  I had so much energy left but sleep finally overcame me and being able to snuggle in my own bed with my new little man was so sweet.LBP_5105

That evening Nevan had some Daddy time soaking in the sun.  LBP_5128

Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog post.  Thank you to everyone at Inspiration Midwifery for helping us have such an amazing birth.  Thank you to Karah for taking the photos and to all my friends and family for your best wishes.  We are now a family of four and my heart is just bursting with joy!!