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Best of 2009

Ahhh 2009…the year it all started.  It really hasn’t been that long ago, but I did so much that year.  In the beginning, photography was a hobby that I totally immersed myself in to keep my mind off of the not so nice things that were happening that year.  I scoured the internet, read books, took notes, and practiced every spare minute I had.  Photoshop was heavily relied upon to make up for my lack of skills.  I probably went through the whole gamut of things “not to do” as a photographer.  The heavy vignette, plastic looking skin, selective coloring…yup, I did it all because at that time it was way cool.

I had to dig through my archive to find the best of 2009 and boy, am I glad they were only my friends and family.  Everyone loved their photos and I gave them the best I could do at the time.  I remember the hours and hours spent editing each photo…makes me exhausted just thinking about it.  I’m just REALLY glad that I have improved since then =)