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Tim + Jennifer :: Cadence + Haven + Skylar

Winter Park, FL

Love this adorable family!  The girls are so sweet and beautiful, it was a treat to photograph them.  My posts are falling behind – this was way back in April!  But better late than never, check them out =)

Lisa Brennaman Photography

I’m sitting in the dark typing as quietly as I can while my 8 month old sleeps on a blanket next to me.  What in the world could you possibly be doing you ask?  I’m doing what I love, fitting it in between spending time with the ones I love.

When I first started taking photos I can honestly say I had no clue what I was doing.  Buy a camera, get some people to hire me and give them some great pictures.  Easy right?

I bought a camera I could afford, which was a Nikon D40 if you are curious, and practically begged my friends to be my guinea pigs so I could build up a portfolio.  I became obsessed with learning how to use a camera, because you know, I knew absolutely nothing about photography and it’s kind of a good idea to educate one’s self before putting their amazing talents out there.  It started off as a side job, working during the weekends here and there.  I had the overwhelming feeling I was in over my head every time I booked a session.  I made myself so sick with worry that I secretly wished my clients would cancel or reschedule.  I was worried that they would hate their pictures, that I would totally mess up and look like a fool and that I wasn’t worth what they were paying for.  Why did I keep going?  Because I need creativity in my life and photography is highly satisfying.  I’m also obsessive and stubborn as a mule, but most of all, my husband is the most loving, supportive, and best motivator ever.

This new career has taught me that I can pretty much tackle anything.  Who knew I needed to know so much about web developing, marketing, insurance, licensing, weather forecasting, outfit coordinating, newborn sleep habits, and bug repellents?  It’s helped me make the most amazing friends and I am always in awe of the the fact that I get to do this for a living.  I can spend my time being home with my kids, be as creative as my heart desires, meet the most wonderful people all the time and I am ever so thankful.  This is what I think as I sit here…while the kids are asleep….


Winner has been announced and notified!!  Also, as a fun bonus…EVERYONE who participated received a $50 credit on their next session =)  

How many of you still keep around that very awkward holiday photo?  Maybe it’s of your whole family around the Thanksgiving turkey that the dog was in the midst of stealing, or you and your siblings in that multi-colored, ill fitting, but “made with love” sweater great granny made for you? Well, time to bust out the family album and post it for the whole world to see…and enter for a chance to win a (hopefully non-awkward) photo session!

{ What to do }

1) “Like” my facebook page so you don’t miss the contest start date and announcement of the winners. – LIKE MY PAGE!

2) Go find your most awkward holiday photo….OR GO TAKE ONE!!

3) When the FB contest post goes up (OCTOBER 6, 2014) – attach your photo to the comments.  This is the only way you can enter the contest.  To attach your photo to the comments, click on the contest post, then click on the little camera icon where you “write a comment…”.  If you still have no clue, please ask your young and hip niece/nephew or child.  I only know this because my 3 year old is a social media pro.

4) Go tell all your friends and family to “LIKE” your photo.  The photo with the most likes will be selected the winner!!!!!  It’s okay if you’re not that popular, because three (3) randomly selected entrants will be selected for $50 off their session fee.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

{ Rules and stuff }

1) Contest starts October 6, 2014 and ends October 13, 2014.  Winners will be announced October 15, 2014 on facebook and a notification will be sent via facebook message.

2) Only photos added to the comments section of the contest post will be eligible.  Please don’t make a new post with your awkward photos.

3) The session prizes are only for single person portraits, couples, or one family.  You have until April 30, 2015 to redeem.

4) By participating in this contest you are agreeing to the terms of Lisa Brennaman Photography’s session contract.

5) Have fun and good luck!!!

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Jesse + Karli

(with Jake)

Norman’s @ Ritz-Carlton :: Orlando, Grande Lakes

Jesse sent me an e-mail two days ago letting me know that he’d like a photographer present at the moment he proposes to his lovely girlfriend.  Surprise proposal!!  YESSSSSS!  He had a beautiful ring picked out and finalized the details with the restaurant where he rented out the entire outdoor patio.  Karli’s best friend Shannon was to bring her dog, Jake, and let him run to her carrying the ring.  So on the big night, Jason and I got there a little early and spoke with the incredible wait staff and set up a table around the corner from them and we had a faux date of our own.  I just want to interject here and tell you how incredible the food was – melt in your mouth good – mmmmm…  The 7:45pm proposal after dessert turned into 8:45 and the anxiety was getting to me, I can’t imagine how Jesse was feeling at that moment!  Finally we got our cue to set Jake loose and with a little bit of prodding, Karli spotted him and immediately knew what was going on.  Honestly, if I wasn’t focused on taking photos I would have bawled right with her.


Unbeknownst to me, Karli had previously told Jesse that she wanted to hire me to take their engagement and wedding photos!  It was a complete surprise to me and made this little even even more special.  Way to pay attention to details Jesse!!  Spectacular job on setting everything up.  It was totally impressive =)

Ahhhh, the ring! Proposal

So excited for their engagement session.  Congrats Jesse & Karli!!Proposal


Chris + Jessica

Kelly Park : Apopka, FL

Non-stop belly laughs with these two, I seriously enjoyed this session.  Can you tell how much fun they were having?!  We came up with some very awkward poses too.  See below for the “fish out of water” and “straight jacket” couples pose.  I’m a little behind in posting previous sessions, but I couldn’t help putting these up just for sheer entertainment!

Chris & Jessica


Chris & Jessica

Jessica was totally excited to cuddle with hands all over the face and as you see, Chris thoroughly enjoyed it =)

Chris & Jessica

These two laughing hysterically at something I said.  Yes, I’m pretty awesome at being funny =D

Chris & Jessica

Chris & Jessica

Chris & Jessica