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Billy + Crystal :: Olivia

Mead Gardens :: Winter Park, FL

When I saw Olivia for the first time, I just wanted to squeeze her cute little cheeks and give her a big hug!  She’s so darling!  It was kind of early in the morning though and she didn’t want to have anything to do with pictures, but we got her to warm up and she lit up with her huge smile =D  They are expecting another addition to the family so baby Olivia will be a big sister soon!  So happy for this loving and sweet family.  It was so fun to get to spend the morning with them.

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Kyle + Ashley

Highland Manor :: Apopka, FL

Met these two bright and early to take advantage of this perfect weather and light!  And they brought their huge and very well behaved dogs.  I have to admit that I really enjoy taking photos with the family pets =)
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Are they not the cutest?!!  e (6)e (4)

I can’t put my finger on it, but this photo in the rocking chair has to be one of my favorites!  The lighting, maybe the lop sided ear..the angle…so in love!e (8)e (10)

So everyone says that Kyle looks like Zac Brown.  What do you think?  e (2)

Even the ducks were doing us a great favor this morning.  I cannot wait to photograph their wedding!e (9)e (7)

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Brian + Elizabeth :: Colin + Jack

Mead Gardens

These little guys were SO adorable and handsome!  Mom did a great job of putting the outfits together too.  Most memorable about this shoot was how well behaved the mini-dudes were.  I got to take photos of the parents for once!
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Jesse + Karli

Mead Gardens

Do you remember Jesse’s surprise proposal to Karli?  We had an amazing photo session for the engagment.  These two came dressed up and ready to ROCK IT!  Suspenders…like seriously awesome.  Jake really enjoyed the outdoors too.

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I think this photo is probably my all-time fave.  I was walking ahead to find a good spot and I turned around and it was like….”AHHHHHHH”  The light was so brilliant and Jake totally made this photo just that much more epic =)
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Russell + Ashley :: Abby + Caleb

Winter Garden, FL

This super bubbly and sweet family was a delight to photograph!  Loved seeing how great the kids got along which is something I look forward to with my littles.  Fun little note: Little Caleb looked very tan that day…not from a bad suntan lotion, but from eating a lot of orange foods!  =)

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