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Chris + Jessica

Kelly Park : Apopka, FL

Non-stop belly laughs with these two, I seriously enjoyed this session.  Can you tell how much fun they were having?!  We came up with some very awkward poses too.  See below for the “fish out of water” and “straight jacket” couples pose.  I’m a little behind in posting previous sessions, but I couldn’t help putting these up just for sheer entertainment!

Chris & Jessica


Chris & Jessica

Jessica was totally excited to cuddle with hands all over the face and as you see, Chris thoroughly enjoyed it =)

Chris & Jessica

These two laughing hysterically at something I said.  Yes, I’m pretty awesome at being funny =D

Chris & Jessica

Chris & Jessica

Chris & Jessica

Lisa Brennaman Photography

Bo + Erin :: Skylar + Ryan

Winter Garden, FL

Cannot get enough of this family!  And those cheeks on Ryan…just wanna squeeeeeeeeeze them =)  Ahhh, soooo much cuteness to brighten up your day!  P.S.  I just went to my super secret photo location, the beautiful tall grass you see in these photos….they’re GONE!  Bulldozed the whole area to make room for new development.  I’m a sad panda.
Lisa Brennaman PhotographyLisa Brennaman PhotographyLisa Brennaman PhotographyLisa Brennaman Photography

LoveLBP (1)

Sherry + Keith :: Kyle

Winter Park, FL

Can’t get enough of of this adorable family.  Kyle is totally easy going and such a treat to photograph.  Check out those pretty blue eyes and I dare you not to smile!LoveLBP (3)LoveLBP (2)LoveLBP (5)LoveLBP (4) (1)Becky :: Samantha + Megan

Winter Park, FL

Becky is a very special person in my life…she’s my midwife!!  I cannot even express how grateful I am to have her take care of me and both my children.  Becky has two sweet girls of her own and they are both fun happy spirits.  She has started her own homebirth practice and I wish her the very very best.  If you are looking for or interested in having a midwife, check her out HERE. (4) (2) (3) (10)

Lindsey & Justin

Apopka, FL

Love this couple and loved this wedding.  Very non-traditional, very cute, so much fun!  Lindsey put together all the beautiful decorations.  It was a tent on their family property with cowboy boots and bug spray and port-a-potties!  Totally in love with their style =)  Check out the pics and see for yourself! (8) (1) (2) (3)

See that beautiful necklace?  It was a gift from Justin to Emma and was definitely the sweetest part of the (4) (9) (5) (6) (7) (11)