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Dalsten + Jose

Timacuan Country Club :: DJ – Vince Roeshink :: Vintage Car – Ken Chalfin

I met with these two dapper gents a few months ago and I adored how laid back and sweet they were.  Their wedding was non-traditional, which I LOVE because it makes me really be creative.  They gave me plenty of time to take photos of just the two of them together.  They also bought some fun socks last minute just to make me happy (I practically begged and threatened them, that’s how I roll!)


Okay seriously though, those shoes were begging to be paired with crazy socks, am I right?LB2_5634

The wedding was a Great Gatsby theme, pocket watch and feather plumes – check.  Swanky guests – double check.  I cannot wait to edit all these photos!LBP_4098LB2_5699

I didn’t get a chance to eat this cake, but believe you me, it smelled delicious.LBP_3884LBP_4187LB2_5742

They even rented a vintage car and had it scheduled for couples portraits AND the end of night send-off.  SO. COOL.  LBP_4373LBP_4475LBP_4540

What happens when you get caught in a Florida rainshower?  You get your drink on in a golf cart!LBP_3936

I may or may not have choked up a bit during the Mother/Son dances.

Congrats and have fun on your honeymoon in GERMANY!!  WOOOOO!!

Dustin Christina (20)

Dustin + Christina

Westin @ Lake Mary

This was such a sweet wedding for an even sweeter couple!  Dustin and Christina looked fabulous on this beautiful day.  I love the cooler months in Florida and they picked the perfect time to have an outdoor ceremony.

Dustin Christina (1)Dustin Christina (5)Dustin Christina (7)

To all the gentlemen out there…Fun socks are a must!!Dustin Christina (4)Dustin Christina (2)Dustin Christina (8)Dustin Christina (9)

Love this moment as her face lit up walking down the isle and seeing her soon to be husband and the look on her Dad’s face is priceless!

Dustin Christina (10)Dustin Christina (11)Dustin Christina (12)Dustin Christina (13)Dustin Christina (3)Dustin Christina (6)

First time I’ve seen the dollar dance and let me tell you, it’s so much FUN!  Being able to see all the wonderful wedding traditions is a highlight of my job =)
Dustin Christina (14)Dustin Christina (15)Dustin Christina (16)Dustin Christina (17)Dustin Christina (18)Dustin Christina (19)Dustin Christina (21)

Braeden (3)


Oakland Preserve

I know you’ve seen this handsome fella throughout my blog posts.  He’s getting so big and he’s still adorable!  This little guy will melt your heart with his politeness and he listened to direction like a grown up =DBraeden (1)Braeden (6)Braeden (2)

Steve Kate Luke (6)

Steve + Kate :: Luke

Isn’t this the most adorable Christmas photo ever?!  Yes, I know it’s a little late to be posting about Christmas, but I’m still catching up on all my blog posts and no matter what the season, cute photos must be blogged!  =)
Steve Kate Luke (7)Steve Kate Luke (4)Steve Kate Luke (3)Steve Kate Luke (2)Steve Kate Luke (8)Steve Kate Luke (1)