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loveLBP - EC (1)Christiane + Emily

Mead Gardens

These two were so sweet.  Emily was a little camera shy, but the camera LOVED her!  She looks so elegant does she not?  Christiane was doting on her the whole time and mother earth just gave them the perfect day for this shoot.  They are so lovely and their baby is going to be an absolute angel =)

loveLBP - EC (3)loveLBP - EC (4)loveLBP - EC (2)loveLBP - EC (5)loveLBP - EC (6)

loveLBP - SLLC (1)

Lucas + Sarah :: Logan + Chelsijoy

Mead Gardens

First of all, how awesome is the name Chelsijoy?  Second of all, this family needs to be in magazines!  Mama did a great job putting the outfits together =)  Both the kids are close in age to my little ones.  I adore them!  Cute and spunky =)loveLBP - SLLC (2)loveLBP - SLLC (4)loveLBP - SLLC (3)loveLBP - SLLC (5)

This was in the heat of summer and everything was so LUSH.  Don’t they look like they’re in the middle of a jungle?loveLBP - SLLC (6)

loveLBP - one (1)


My baby turned one today!!  We had a weekend long party to celebrate.  I wanted it to be a very small affair and have a bigger party when he’s old enough to appreciate having lots of friends over =)  In Korean, the first birthday is called a Dol.  The Dol tower has Nevan’s korean name written on it, made out of beans.  I was supposed to make a second one that said Dol Party, but after this one took 10 hours to complete, I kind of ran out of time…but it looks so cool!  Lots of burned fingers to make the tower.  It’s not traditional, but I’ll be making Olivia one when her birthday comes around so that we can keep it as decor in the house.
loveLBP - one (28)

Since the guest list was very short, I splurged and bought some nice cheeses and fruit spread.  It was quite delicious.  loveLBP - one (5)loveLBP - one (4)loveLBP - one (3)

When did my girl get so big?!!  Time flies so fast, it makes me sad and excited for the future all at the same time. (Another Dol tower…made out of Crunchberry cereal…not as fun as the bean tower)loveLBP - one (2)loveLBP - one (10)

He liked his birthday cupcake =)loveLBP - one (11)loveLBP - one (13)

Had to set him down real quick and he decided to eat off the floor.  Don’t worry though, Grandma deep cleaned it that morning.loveLBP - one (14)loveLBP - one (7)

Trying to get the kids together for a photo.  Love this because it shows how crazy and fun it is every time we try it!  Day one of the party was just a couple close friends hanging out.
loveLBP - one (8)

Day two of the party was for Grandma and Grandpa and all their friends.  They had JUST moved down from Indiana when Olivia was born and by the time she was one, we were moving again so they couldn’t throw her a big traditional first birthday, so Grandma went all out this time and made the most amazing food.loveLBP - one (15)

Traditionally, there is no birthday cake.  Instead there’s rice cake made with raisins and rolled in bean powder.  The colorful one is just plain rice cake with food coloring.  My mom made all these from scratch which is quite impressive.
loveLBP - one (16)loveLBP - one (18)

I have no clue what this is, but it’s delicious.
loveLBP - one (19)

Bean sproutsloveLBP - one (20)

Kimchee and veggie frittersloveLBP - one (21)

Clear noodles with sauteed veggies and beef.  Japchae.loveLBP - one (22)

My little Prince.  Dad had a great time running back and forth to get these shots!loveLBP - one (27)

Two of the most incredible little people I know and the light of my world =)
loveLBP - one (26)

Love you kids so much!!!loveLBP - one (25)

loveLBP - seniors (1)

Katie + Haley + Caitlin

I found a new fabulous location and needed some models!  These girls were super cute and made me realize that my youth has long gone *sniffle. Soon to be Seniors, lovin’ life and beautiful!loveLBP - seniors (2)loveLBP - seniors (6)loveLBP - seniors (3)loveLBP - seniors (8)loveLBP - seniors (7)loveLBP - seniors (5)loveLBP - seniors (4)


Lisa :: Kelley Park

It was a hot day, but the water was cold…wonderful for a beautiful pregnant lady!  Lisa was adventurous and amazingly limber (she’s a dancer) and incredibly fun to photograph.  It was a treat to take pictures in/near water which is something that I really enjoy and wish I could do more of!LBP-(1004)LBP-(1006)